Over 35 years of experience

Vincent J. Santamaura, Architect Inc. (VJSAI) is an Architectural firm that offers a full range of Architectural services in the fields of Residential (Low-Rise, Mid-Rise and High-Rise), Commercial, Institutional and Industrial buildings.  Bringing together the creative energies and industry sophistication of Architect Vincent Santamaura, the firm coffers over 35 years of industry activity and experience.

Lead by Vincent Santamaura, the collaborative team of Architects and Technologists strive to create new and exciting buildings. Linked single town homes and stacked townhouse condominium units are recent examples of innovative building forms that have been built. The Firm’s emphasis on high quality service results in many repeat projects within the client base, and has allowed for the building of many long-term relationships.

More recently, VJSAI has been applying its many years of experience towards Community Design and Infill site plans. Becoming involved in the initial stages of a project’s design, VJSAI can facilitate building configurations that reflect the Building Owner’s explicit programming needs. This ensures efficient site plan development, and provides superior value to the client at project completion.   

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